Helpful Information


  1. Consignor will receive 40% of the selling price
  2. Consignor can pick up a check or it can be mailed if needed. Mailed checks will be charged a $1 fee. 
  3. Consignor must contact the store to check the status of the Consignor account and see if anything has sold. 
  4. We accept on-trend items in excellent condition
  5. Items can stay at the store for an undetermined amount of time. Some things sell quickly while others stay over a year and that may be fine. But as styles and seasons change, certain items may need to be returned. At any time, the consignor may be notified to pick up items for return. 
  6. Store hours are Monday through Friday noon to 5. Saturday 11 to 6.
  7. Why did we start Key Elements? To provide great fashion selections, great prices and a fun shopping experience. To provide our consignor partners, and KE friends, the opportunity to make money and save money. At the same time, we realized the importance of resale and consignment of clothing for conservation and sustainability.
  8. KE opened in 2004.
  9. Some consignor partners ask us to donate what we cannot use. We certainly want to use everything we can, but because we have been so fortunate to have so many great things brought to us, we have to be very selective. We have donated to women’s shelters, various storm relief efforts, Charity Shoes and Clothing, etc. 
  10. Items can remain at Key elements for an undetermined amount of time.  Items left more than six months after being notified to pick up for return, become the property of KE and may be donated at our discretion.
  11. Because we are a consignment shop and work with individual consignors, all sales are final. We do stand behind our products and will make right on an item that is sold with a defect.